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Tycho Celchu
09 July 2010 @ 10:59 am
1. promotions
There will be a ceremony to promote Kyle, Trudy, Gavin, Arha, Wyn and Kira. It will be bendytimed to take place before bootcamp. Attendance is mandatory, but your character's presence can be handwaved, if you don't feel like threading it out.

2. debriefing
The debriefing log is still going on. If your character was part of the fight against the Ohm, please check in.

3. mechanics training
If you're one of the new squadron mechanics who needs training, please check in here.

4. project upgrade
If you're going to be part of the people who will upgrade the gundams, please check in here.

5. Mobile suit tactics
If you are one of the gundam pilots not named Shinn, please head over to the tactics meeting with Wedge and Tycho here.

6. boot camp
The first boot camp log is here. All of the new pilots are required to participate in this log. Those I have listed as new pilots are: Hiccup, Tony Stark, Lash, Axl, Tay, Yzak, Kira, Amuro, Cagalli, Char, Shinn, and Athrun.

If you want to withdraw your character from being a pilot, please let me know.

7. elections
There will be a meeting in which Tycho and Wedge explain why they thing everyone should support Thrawn for Captain. If you do not want to thread out your character being there, it's fine to just handwave their presence.
Tycho Celchu
05 July 2010 @ 10:32 pm
1. contact
Everyone please friend Tycho (sonofalderaan) so that I can make posts which are locked to the squadron for important information sharing etc. Thanks to Anna's wonderfulness, we now have a squadron email list, which I will be sending something out on tomorrow, to make sure everyone's emails are correct.

2. boot camp
AJ & Farasha are in charge of the boot camp which is only for the new pilots. The first post will be going up in the next couple days, after which everyone should have around a week or so to tag in.

3. mechanics
Kuroi is in charge of Project Upgrade/the mechanics training. Posts for those should be going up in the next day or so.

4. mobile suit tactics
Please remind me which pilots had come forward and offered to talk to Wedge/Tycho about tactics. Was it everyone but Shinn? Anyway, once I have a list of who it is, that post should go up soon-ish.

5. Ranks
I still need to talk to Milo about it, but the consensus seems to be there will be a log for an official ceremony, and if you want to thread you can, and if you just want to handwave your pup being there, that's also cool.

6. The extra gundam
.... we might be getting another gundam pilot next app round? in that case I will hold off on this.

7. roster re-assignments
Do not fret gundam pilots, all your wing-pair assignments are going to remain the same. I am going to try to keep everyone else's assignments as unchanged as possible, but obviously we are going to need to work Wes etc in somehow. Given that everyone has to finish their training first though, that means Fiver gets til August to think about this! So don't expect the new squadron roster any time soon <3

8. the election
Once the election stuff actually starts happening, Tycho and Wedge will want to explain to everyone who's not from their universe that Thrawn is the most qualified candidate. Is everyone interested in actually logging this meeting out, or do you want to handwave it? Or do you want to have a log with optional participation, where you can log or handwave as you see fit?

9. I still don't know what's up with the commandos thing :|a
Tycho Celchu
1. boot camp
all the new pilots are going to get BOOT CAMP. Are AJ/Kyle & Farasha/Trudy still in charge of this? When does everyone want to start?

2. Project upgrade
The initail planning post/meeting in the sensoriums seems completely stalled/dead. Do we want to just handwave the IC discussion and hash out OOCly what everyone decided upon?

By the same note do we want to just handwave the fact that we got the supplies/raw materials/tools that we're going to need from the shore leave planet before the fighting started?

3. training
The x-wing/gundam pilot's training won't happen until after boot camp is over. But what about the training for the new mechanics/shuttle crew/support staff? How do those of you who are going to be mechanics/crew want to work that?

4. mobile suit tactics
Am I right that Tycho and Wedge still need to have their sit down with the gundam kids? When does everyone want to do that?

5. Ranks
I am going to need to talk to my co-overlord about this, but I am thinking certain people are going to be promoted/given ranks. Anyone care how we play this out? For example, would people be interested in having some kind of official ceremony and stuff? It's probably what Wedge and Tycho would decide to do, to promote squadron cohesion/moral etc, but if no one wants to actually thread it out, we could probably just handwave it.

6. The extra gundam
Do we want to just go with Lacus piloting it, or should I ask the main com again if anyone wants to volunteer to have their pup learn to fly it?

New stuff!

7. how do we feel about a squadron email list for the muns, so everyone can be kept updated on when important things go up both ICly/OOCly? ETA: email gathering post here!

8. Is it true someone is apping Wes?

9. Since we're going to be getting more pilots I'm going to need to re-work the whole squadron roster. So I hope y'all weren't too attached to your assignments. (to refresh your memories, the old one is point 8, here) If anyone has any opinions on who they want to be their wingman etc, plz leave a comment. I can't make promises though, since we have to work out what would work best for everyone.

10. how do we want to work the whole campaigning to get Thrawn elected our overlord captain of the ship? Also just for everyone's information, Tycho is probably/possibly being tapped to be Thrawn's XO if (when) he gets elected. I'll still do squadron planning stuff though.

11. Someone wanna tell me what is up with the comandos thing? What's the current plan with that?

more stuff will probably be added later!
Tycho Celchu
20 March 2010 @ 11:41 am
[pauses] ... I have a bad feeling.
Tycho Celchu
19 March 2010 @ 02:56 pm
Do long-distance relationships ever work?
Tycho Celchu
19 March 2010 @ 01:07 am
Some days it's like herding banthas.
Tycho Celchu
18 March 2010 @ 02:31 am
A timeline of Tycho's activities at trans_9 :

Tycho woke up on Stacy after being dumped from his pod. Severely confused, first he encountered Spock and Spencer Reid. Then, he met a 20 year old Princess Leia.

In the process of moving through the vine room and gathering his belongings, he lost Princess Leia, and eventually encountered a nightmare replica of Robert Donovan. Once the Nightmare King was defeated though, the replica disappeared, and real crew-members started to appear. Tycho was shocked when he met his best friend Wedge. After helping an exhausted Wedge back to his quarters, Tycho returned to the obs deck and spoke with Captain Kirk, gaining more information about the meatship as well as a com ring and omnicom.

While he waited for Wedge to wake up again, Tycho read on his omnicom, familiarizing himself with Stacy. He posted a message to the network requesting a report on the status of everyone in Rogue Squadron, as well as trying to connect with the other people from his universe. Asuka Soryu, Danny Phantom, Deca Commander Lafiel, Jaina, Wyn Callahan, Jamie Hemeros and Sam Winchester all checked in. Tycho and Asuka got into an argument over whether she actually had to listen to him.

Once Wedge woke up, he and Tycho went to meet in the hangar bay, so Tycho could take a look at his x-wing. First, Tycho had a conversation with Wedge and Jaina. Then, after they'd left, he got into a long discussion with Asuka, which did not end very well. Next, he met Lafiel, with whom he had a short but much more pleasant conversation. After that he talked for a while with Tess Lee. Finally, he met Lieutenant Gwen MacKenzie. Tycho and Gwen had a conversation about their homes, after which he persuaded her she needed to go to the medbay to get her knee looked at. Then, they continued on to the Sensoriums, so that Tycho could show Gwen some of his universe.

After he and Gwen parted ways, Tycho headed back to the room he now shared with Wedge, where he told his friend about the conversation he had had with Asuka. They discussed what needed to be done with the squadron for a while. After their conversation was finished, Tycho saw a notice on the com network that Kang was having a celebration at his Drunken Dragon tavern. In the interest of meeting more crewmates, Tycho decided to attend.

Once at the party. Tycho found himself a seat at an empty table- he would start introducing himself to people eventually, but it turned out this wasn't necessary. First, Grim Eyes, then Wyn, then Nanoha each found their way to his table, in varying states of inebriation. Tycho's conversation with Grim Eyes was the longest, and left him with the impression the hyena was an alien from a very primitive world. After he was alone again, Tycho headed  to get a refill on  his ale, where he was surprised to discover a pitten sitting on the bar. The pitten turned out to be Rhiow, a sentient cat. Tycho had a long conversation with her which involved first pets and scritches, and then snuggles. When Tycho learned her home had been destroyed in the fight, he offered for her to come stay with him and Wedge. Tycho sent Wedge a message on the com network asking if it was okay, and Wedge agreed. After Rhiow assured him that she would be able to find her way to their rooms, Tycho decided he had had enough of the party for the night and headed to bed.
Tycho Celchu
01 March 2010 @ 08:41 pm
Character's name: 
Colonel Tycho Celchu
Character's canon: 
star wars the original movies and the star wars expanded universe

Brief (around 300 words) personality outline of your character:

Read more...Collapse )

Brief (around 500 words) history and background of your character OR link to a really good wiki page with their history. In either case, explain where they cut off from the timeline:

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Sample post (just a general, everyday, puttering-around-the-ship post; please include a snippet of dialogue): 

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Non-superhuman special abilities of note (Is your character a master ventriloquist? A naturally-occurring super-genius? The best martial artist in the world? Say so here):

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